Composition: It consists of J type tube, thread, propeller, clip. J type tube is made of medical-degree polyurethane material, thread is stainless steel material, propeller is PE material, clip is PP material.
    Theory: First of all, It need to remove the thread from wire casing, then insert the thread into ureter under the endoscope; Secondly, Get out J type tube, set into the thread; then put the propeller in the thread, push slowly the J type tube into the right position by propeller, then exit the thread, Finally exit the propeller
    Usage: It can be used in ureter drainage and support under endoscope or in the open surgery. 

    Product specifications
    Product Name
       U reteral Stent
    Specification and Mode

    Double J-Ⅰ : Fr-4.8 、 Fr-6 、 Fr-7 、 Fr-8

    Double J-Ⅱ : Fr-4.8 、 Fr-6 、 Fr-7 、 Fr-8